Presented by Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association

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About the Event

This is no ordinary conference.

The Summit is an exclusive gathering of the best minds in the Canadian petrochemical industry. Speakers will explore current issues and trends affecting the petrochemical and chemical sectors. The program will offer specific dialogue on industrial decarbonization and energy transition, Canada’s role in global market demand, national forecasting and trends, and insight into competitive regulatory frameworks. With energy systems evolving rapidly before our eyes, how will Canada adapt to expand its global market share and what might the impact to Canadian natural gas production be as we continue to see a shift to low-carbon petrochemical facilities?  What is the future of Canada’s world-leading petrochemical sector?

Who Attends Our Event

  • Federal, provincial and municipal elected officials
  • Technical experts and industry leaders
  • Senior staff from government and industry
  • Industry and stakeholder partners 
  • Individuals, associations and consulting firms invested in the petrochemical sector

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