Government Announces $90 Million for Vinca Bridge

Vinca Bridge Upgrade Will Help Bolster Alberta’s Industrial Heartland’s Value Proposition

Today Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation, joined us to announce $90 million in funding to upgrade the Vinca Bridge in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Heavy industrial infrastructure is critical to attracting investment into our region, and this project will provide the necessary river-crossing capacity to support future industrial development, contributing to Alberta’s energy diversification efforts and overall economic prosperity.  Enhancing bridge capacity will assist energy development in our industrial cluster. Efficient flow of products and services is critical to ensuring Albertans receive the best return on our resource development. We value our partnership with the Government of Alberta and will continue to provide expertise that is focused on diversified energy growth in our heavy industrial, hydrocarbon cluster.

Alberta Transportation expects planning and design to begin in 2018 and there will be additional highway improvements in the area as well.

Quick Facts:

  • Approx. 2,000 vehicles cross the Vinca Vridge every day
  • In 2016, 401 heavy loads travelled through the corridor
  • Carriers will save an average of $10,000 per trip
  • The new structure will accommodate loads 200+ tonnes

Click here to download our press release.