REgional advantages

As Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region, our growth outpaces our competitors. Learn more about why global investors believe Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is the right location for their next investment decision.

Advanced Infrastructure

The AIH is at the heart of a world-class continental transportation network while ongoing and future planned expansion will continue to improve access to global markets. Alberta’s renowned highway transportation network provides highly integrated service to points throughout the province, country, and beyond. Direct access is available to northern and western Canada, continental United States and Alaska, and offshore to the Pacific Rim. Pipeline infrastructure extends through Alberta to the gulf region, and to the coast through British Columbia. Two major rail providers intersect in the AIH and provide service on to global markets.

Abundant Labour

With over one million skilled workers available in the region, the AIH offers a wide variety of skilled labour from tradespeople to environmental specialists, and from human resources to engineers. Ensuring Alberta retains an abundant highly skilled, and well trained workforce remains a top priority of the Government of Alberta.

Established Supply and Service Industries

Service and supply companies are vital to supporting the
growth of companies in AIH.  The AIH is home to a large, highly trained service and supply sector that has grown in lockstep with local industry for decades. They are highly knowledgeable and well experienced with industry in the region, and available to assist in project development locally.

Some of the globally competitive industrial services developed in the Heartland include:

  • process and piping module fabrication
  • plant maintenance and shutdown services
  • pipeline design
  • infrastructure and heavy construction
  • special transport and rigging services
  • testing and inspection services
  • high quality welding and machine shops

Leading Advancements Through Research and Development

AIH provides stability to support a wide range of investments. While most of the over 40 companies in the region provide fuels, fertilizers, power, petrochemicals, we have a diverse range of opportunity for alternatives. Learn all about recent project announcements and green investments in the AIH.