Industrial Heartland Bridge Receives Upgrade Funding

Alberta Government Budget 2023 includes $8 billion for the Ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors’ three-year capital plan, a $718-million increase compared with Budget 2022. Included in this is a direct commitment for $60.5 million over 3 years for the Vinca Bridge replacement.

Vinca Bridge was announced in 2018 to support Alberta’s High Load Corridor within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. It saves carriers 200 kilometres of travel and approximately $10,000 per trip compared to the previous route. Efficient flow of products and services through our region is critical to ensuring Albertans receive the best return on our resource development.

“Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association is pleased that the 55-year-old Vinca Bridge replacement is included in the Government of Alberta’s 2023 budget. As a vital component of Alberta’s high-load corridor and a strategic connector in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, the bridge services a thriving industrial zone with over $45 billion in total capital investment and billions more expected in the coming years. Replacing Vinca Bridge will shorten travel times, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the competitiveness of both the Industrial Heartland and the manufacturing supply chain that contributes to its success.”

– Mark Plamondon, executive director, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

Learn more at the Government of Alberta’s website.