Cielo Announces Purchase of Land in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

On August 24, 2021, Cielo Waste Solutions announced their purchase of a 60 acre industrial site with a 31,750 square foot industrial building in Fort Saskatchewan.  The property and location will, “quickly advance Cielo’s commercial development in Canada’s largest hydrocarbon industrial park,” says Cielo President and CEO Don Allan.  “We have Canada’s two largest rail companies with their rail yards in direct sight, offtake customers for our waste to fuel products, feed stock suppliers and all required subtrades and service vendors in close proximity.”

About Cielo Waste Solutions
Cielo is a publicly traded company with a proprietary technology and business plan to transform certain types of landfill garbage into high-grade diesel, kerosene (aviation jet
and marine fuel) and naphtha. Cielo’s patented process technology is currently being deployed in the Company’s Aldersyde, AB facility, where wood waste is currently being converted into waste derived fuels. Cielo’s experienced management team is well positioned with strategic partners in place to expand aggressively across Canada, into the US and then globally. The waste/feedstock that will be used in the Company’s green facilities is the world’s widely available and inexpensive feedstock, including household, commercial, construction garbage, used tires, railway ties,  telephone poles, as well as all types of plastic, some of which currently cannot be recycled and/or deposited into landfills. Cielo’s goal is to manufacture waste to fuel while ridding the world of unwanted and problematic garbage.

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