Alberta’s Industrial Heartland’s Competitive Edge in Petrochemicals with Mark Plamondon

Learn more about Alberta’s Industrial Heartland’s captivating journey with host Victoria (King) Meyer and Mark Plamondon, P.Eng, MBA Executive Director of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association, on the latest episode of The Chemical Show.

🛢️ Low-Cost Feedstock and Carbon Capture: The industrial heartland’s low-cost feedstock and existing carbon capture infrastructure provide a competitive advantage, ensuring project derisking and creating a compelling value proposition for energy investments.

🌐 Global Decarbonization and Diversification: The region’s focus includes industrial decarbonization, proactive marketing plans, and increased emphasis on petrochemicals, positioning itself to become a global destination for capital in the coming years.

👩‍💼 Talent Development and Community Engagement: With a strong emphasis on talent availability and workforce development, the association collaborates with governments and educational institutions to drive talent development programs and attract skilled workers to the region.

Tune in to gain insights into talent development, infrastructure support, and the region’s potential to become a global destination for capital.

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