AIHA Co-Hosts Canada’s National CCUS Convention

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association is co-hosting Canada’s National CCUS Convention September 20-22, 2022 in Edmonton. AIHA can help organizations meet their environmental goals through our intensive CCUS framework.

About the Conference
Thousands of Industry Influential Minds Come Together To Build a Low-Carbon Future

Climate change is currently the major global environmental challenge. Nations strive to transit their economy from carbon-intensive to low-carbon in terms of adaption and transition by reducing or capturing greenhouse gas (CO2) emission. As a pioneer in a low carbon economy, Canada has implemented carbon tax system and established huge fund support for low carbon technology development and marketing.

As carbon capture, utilization and storage becomes more prevalent, some advocates question whether it amounts to another way to prop up the oil and gas industry. Others argue it’s the only way forward to a net-zero future. Lets dive into a discussion at the Carbon Capture Canada Conference.