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The Heart of Opportunity

There is a value-add energy investment window open right now for North America, and there is the potential to attract $30 billion in new capital investments to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland alone by 2030 – if we work together at all levels of government to create a competitive investment climate.

Competitive Investment Climate

There are five key elements to ensuring a competitive investment climate and work is required from all three levels of government to increase our competitiveness in these areas.

A Welcoming Business Environment

Regulatory certainty, transparency and timeliness are critical for attracting new investment.

A Competitive Tax Framework

Taking into account all taxes and added costs from all levels of government ensures that we remain competitive overall against our biggest competitors.

Investment Attraction Tools

Creating effective tools will drive economic growth and innovation.

Economy-Enabling Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure will propel economic growth.

A 21st Century Workforce

A skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of our country will benefit everyone.

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The Challenge

Competition for investment in this sector is intense. The United States was once our biggest customer, but is now our biggest competitor – and they are competing to win. In order to capitalize on the over $30 billion in new investments possible for Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, we need to focus on increasing our competitiveness and creating the right investment climate to attract these facilities.


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