tradesmen_workingCompanies in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland employ a labour force of approximately 6,000 permanent employees. The companies range in size from several employees to several hundred employees. The skilled workforce in the region includes everyone from tradespeople to environmental specialists to human resources to engineers.

Ensuring Alberta’s labour force remains abundant, highly skilled, and well trained remains a top priority of the Government of Alberta. Specific goals and activities are outlined in their ten year labour force strategy Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce. This strategy aims to attract and retain employees and further develop Alberta’s labour force through education and training. A variety of provincial and federal funding initiatives have been directed toward this strategy and will continue in the future.

Initiatives like the provincial labour force strategy and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation’s Edmonton Workforce Connection are necessary in today’s relatively tight labour market.

For a forecast of the labour demand and supply over the next decade, visit the Construction Sector Council’s website. Their forecast data now extends to 2023, and provides labour forecasts for more than 30 skilled construction trades, markets for trades and occupations, retirement patterns in construction trades, and potential for labour mobility.

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