Ind-Heartland-367_resizedZoning is an important component of land use planning as it guides future growth and development. All land within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland has been zoned for a specific type of use ranging from agricultural to heavy industrial. Depending on the designated zoning, permitted activities on the land vary. For example, land zoned as Agricultural accomodates agricultural land uses such as farmsteads, confined feeding operations, kennels, and more. Conservation land preserves environmentally sensitive areas, and Heavy Industrial land is for the location of large scale and major industrial uses. Each of the municipalities have established a variety of land use designations according to their needs and future plans.

Area Structure Plans

Complementary Area Structure Plans (ASP) were created by the municipal partners of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association. Their cooperative approach helped ensure that land use planning and growth throughout the Heartland region would occur in a coordinated and responsible manner. The ASPs adopted by each of the municipal partners combine to create the land zoning designations for the entire Heartland region.

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