CERI 2017 Oil & Gas Symposium

March 6, 2017
Calgary, Alberta
Telus Convention Centre

Canadian Energy Research Institute
Where Do We Go From Here?

March 6-7, 2017
Calgary Telus Convention Centre

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Oil and gas markets are changing in the face of low commodity prices, dampening demand, transportation issues and environmental regulations. These changes have created significant challenges for new developments across the country. In addition, Canadian industry is impacted by increased production of oil and gas by what was once Canada’s major customer, and now major competitor, the US.

How does the industry manage through the change in the market?

If that wasn’t challenging enough, consumers and other stakeholders are expressing concerns over the impact of new oil and gas production and pipelines on the environment, and the rights of Indigenous Peoples. We know these heightened issues create uncertainty in project planning and how the country meets its international carbon management commitments.

Can we balance the needs for economic development in the oil and gas sector with environmental protection and improved relationships with Indigenous Peoples? The economic benefits are clear. Do those benefits offset the costs of development? Is there an approach that provides a winning solution for all stakeholders or are we going to continue a difficult, argumentative and ultimately ineffective debate? Where do we go from here?