AIHA Statement and Quotes on Highway 15 Twinning

Government of Alberta Announces Details of Twinning Highway 15
March 23, 2017 in Fort Saskatchewan

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association welcomed Premier Rachel Notley and the Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of Infrastructure, Minster of Transportation, and Government House Leader to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland where they announced further details on the twinning of Highway 15 and expansion of bridge capacity into Fort Saskatchewan.

This transportation corridor is critical to the safe, efficient movement of people and products in our region. Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is growing its value added processing capacity while also experiencing residential growth. Capital investment into our key transportation corridors is an indication that the Government of Alberta recognizes the value of energy development and the building of sustainable communities.

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association is pleased that this project will commence in the near future. The Government of Alberta has indicated that design will begin in 2017, with construction commencing as soon as 2019. The project will take about three years to complete construction. We will continue working with the government to ensure timely completion of these transportation projects.

Quotes from Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

“Highway 15 is a main artery into, and through, our nation’s largest hydrocarbon processing region. Employees, product, emergency responders, and families need efficient and safe access on a daily basis. We are very pleased that the Government of Alberta is committed to twinning Highway 15 as well as the bridge over the North Saskatchewan River. This important upgrade to our transportation network is vital to the growth of our communities, businesses, and industrial region.”
– Ed Gibbons, Chair, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association and Councillor for the City of Edmonton

“The City of Fort Saskatchewan sits in the heart of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. A safe, high functioning transportation network is critical to keep this economic region thriving and to ensure the safety of our citizens. We appreciate the province recognizing the value of investing in this infrastructure that keeps Albertans productive and industry economically sound.”
– Gale Katchur, Vice Chair, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association and Mayor of Fort Saskatchewan


Media Contact:

Vanessa Goodman
Director of Communications
Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association