Who We Are

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is one of the world’s most attractive locations for chemical, petrochemical, oil, and gas investment. It is also Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region. The region’s 40+ companies, several being world scale, provide fuels, fertilizers, power, petrochemicals and more to provincial and global consumers.

Municipal Members

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is guided by a non profit association of municipalities dedicated to sustainable eco-industrial development. Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) was created in 1998 by the municipalities who each had land within the geographic area of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

A leading principal of AIHA is promoting responsible development within the region. This includes ensuring the region is ready for development in its infrastructure, services, and land use zoning principles. AIHA recognizes that activities in the area can have a major impact on neighboring communities and affect their service delivery as well. Together, the municipalities take a proactive and cooperative approach to planning and industrial development. Learn more about our recent activities in our Report to Community: 2016-2017.

The five municipal partners have land within the geographic boundaries of the Heartland and each have one vote within the Association:

Board Members (left to right): 

Reeve Wayne Woldanski, Lamont County
Chair Mayor Gale Katchur, Fort Saskatchewan
Mayor Don Iveson, Edmonton
Vice-Chair Mayor Alanna Hnatiw, Sturgeon County
Mayor Rod Frank, Strathcona County

Associate Membership was added in 2011. Associate Members are municipalities invited to participate on committees, task forces, and attend Board meetings. While Associate Members do not have voting rights, their views contribute to the actions taken by the Association.

The three Associate Members include:

Board of Directors

As a not-for-profit association, AIHA is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of one representative of each of the five municipal partners. The Board of Directors provides general direction and strategic priorities for AIHA Executive Director and staff members. Ensuring responsible, productive, and environmentally sound development, the Board and AIHA staff work closely with numerous stakeholders, including government, private industry, and area residents.

Chair Mayor Gale Katchur City of Fort Saskatchewan
Vice Chair Mayor Alanna Hnatiw Sturgeon County
Director Reeve Wayne Woldanski Lamont County
Director Mayor Rod Frank Strathcona County
Director Mayor Don Iveson City of Edmonton

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association strives to:

  • provide a single approach to promote and facilitate industrial development
  • proactively and efficiently collaborate on facilitating services and infrastructure
  • plan for the area’s use while maximizing attractiveness and efficient industrial development
    promote and support a coordinated approach to achieving and maintaining appropriate standards of emergency preparedness, public safety, and health