Operating Principles

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association is guided by a set of operating principles and protocols, signed by the Mayors and/or Reeves of the partner municipalities in May 1998.

AIHA Intermunicipal Cooperation Protocol

The participating municipalities of the City of Fort Saskatchewan, City of Edmonton, Lamont County, Strathcona County, and Sturgeon County agree to cooperate and collaborate with each other and with other interested parties* toward achievement of the objectives for Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. In doing so, it is agreed that each municipality will abide by the operating principles included in this document.


  • To jointly promote and facilitate the industrial development of the Heartland area.
  • To respect each other’s jurisdictional integrity and autonomy.
  • To provide or facilitate the provision of services and infrastructure required for the area on a proactive, efficient and where feasible, regional basis.
  • To promote open communication and harmony amongst participating Heartland municipalities and other interested parties.
  • To collaboratively plan for the area’s use and infrastructure in a manner which maximizes its attractiveness and efficient functioning for industrial development while minimizing land use and environmental conflicts within the area and on its periphery.
  • To ensure regular and considerate communication and opportunities for involvement with both industrial and non-industrial landowners of the area with respect to its planning and development.
  • To promote and support a coordinated approach to achieving and maintaining appropriate standards of environmental quality and sustainability for the Heartland area.
  • To promote and support a coordinated approach to achieving and maintaining appropriate standards of emergency preparedness, public safety and health for the Heartland area. 

Operating Principles

  • Municipalities insofar as possible shall speak with one voice to external audiences concerning the Heartland and shall seek to proactively resolve any intermunicipal issues in a non-confrontational manner, including but not restricted to options such as intermunicipal committee negotiation or external mediation.
  • Where two or more municipalities agree to a joint undertaking in support of the foregoing objectives, the costs and benefits shall be shared in accordance with formulas agreed to at the outset of the undertaking.
  • Municipalities shall promote economic development of the Heartland area as a whole and shall not promote their own nor any other municipality within the Heartland as a preferred location. Location decisions within the Heartland area shall be left entirely to the industries/businesses involved. Should a sub-regional economic development agency eventually be created to pursue industrial development of the area, municipal board representation and staffing shall favor no one municipality over the other.
  • Municipalities shall keep each other informed about the provision of infrastructure, services, new development or issues which may affect the area as a whole.
  • Each municipality agrees to respect the other’s right to determine levels and methods of service and, subject to any applicable intermunicipal compensation arrangements between the participating municipalities, to receive taxation revenue from development within their jurisdiction.
  • Where one municipality agrees with another municipality to provide a direct service (eg. upgrading an access road) which is required by a specific industrial development or area located in the other municipality and which would not otherwise be required or compensated, it may negotiate and receive compensation for the provision of such service from the requesting development or municipality in accordance with the terms which have been agreed.

* Other interested parties include: local industry, landowners, the Province of Alberta, adjacent municipalities such as Bruderheim and Redwater, other municipalities in the Capital Region, and transportation and utility companies and authorities which service the area.