Message from the Chair

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Alberta’s Heartland Industrial Association. As we look back at our Association’s history, we reflect on all that the Association has achieved over those years and we are proud of the work we’ve done to attract investment, to drive energy diversification, and to promote innovative business solutions.

Twenty years ago, the municipalities of The City of Fort Saskatchewan, Lamont County, Strathcona and Sturgeon Counties recognized the opportunity afforded them by their unique location in the province. We created a partnership dedicated to strengthening sustainable industrial development that benefits the residents and businesses in our municipalities.  With the addition of The City of Edmonton in 2010 and three Associate members – Bruderheim, Gibbons and Redwater in 2011, the Association continues to demonstrate the value of that cooperation.

As a result, more than $40 billion in capital has been invested in the region, realising significant returns to the economy of Alberta and to the communities in the Heartland region.  We are recognized globally for our ability to attract investment and make valuable community connections.  As well, in the past 20 years we have seen tremendous growth in the Industrial Heartland, which is reflected in our economic impact and jobs created.

Although in recent years Alberta has faced economic challenges, our Association has advocated tirelessly for programs that enhance investment, maximize diversification opportunities, and position our region as a leader in petrochemical development.  Specifically, these efforts have seen the development of the Government of Alberta’s Petrochemical Diversification Program, the completion of the North West Redwater refinery, and the proposal of two new propane processing facilities, all of which will diversify our energy exports and contribute to sustainable growth in the region.

So much benefit has been derived from our commitment to our original vision in the region and we will continue to focus our efforts on partnerships with industry, community, and government stakeholders.

With the collaboration, innovation and diversification that have resulted from these partnerships, Alberta and the Heartland region can continue to look forward to a bright, sustainable future.



Mayor Gale Katchur
Chair, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association