Eco Industrial Plan

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is committed to an eco-industrial approach, which is built on the philosophy that it is possible to enjoy both a thriving economy and healthy environment. This is accomplished by incorporating environmental, economic, and community goals in the strategies and activities within the Heartland. Networking and partnerships with a variety of stakeholders are also crucial to the eco-industrial planning approach.

A formal Eco-Industrial Master Plan Strategy was created for Alberta’s Industrial Heartland in March 2008. The strategy’s mission was to “develop master plans that support long-term land use, infrastructure and social needs and interests of the member municipalities, while facilitating, supporting and encouraging sustainable eco-industrial development”.

Objectives in the Eco-Industrial Master Plan Strategy include:

  • Land Use

    Providing direction for long-term land use management, protecting environmentally sensitive areas, creating a standardized approach to risk management, and promoting “green” initiatives
  • Transportation

    Developing traffic management strategies, reviewing current road and rail networks, and using growth forecasts to determine long-term transportation needs

  • Utilities

    Developing policies, management strategies, and a coordinated approach between municipalities for potable water, wastewater, solid waste, storm water, and process water
  • Social Impacts

    Analyzing housing options, and developing strategies to ensure adequate health care systems, crime prevention, and social service organizations

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Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is dedicated to working with communities, industry, and key government departments to implement eco-industrial strategies and engage in ongoing communication as planning and industrial growth progresses in the region.